Over the last 5 years mens hair styling has increased dramatically, and now most guys aren’t afraid to experiment with hair products.

A few years ago, If a guy said his favourite product was hair spray you’d have raised a brow but now it’s the norm. With this in mind, here are my top five styling products to use on men’s hair no matter what length or thickness.

Aveda Men Pure-Formance Pomade, not only is this completely natural but it shapes the hair easily and last’s forever.

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 10.51.00

Tecni Art ‘Playball’ Beach Fizz Spray is ideal for any guys wanting more movement in their hair without a wet look. Dry into the hair with a hairdryer and your fingers for extra texture.

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 11.13.14

FUDGE ‘Skyscaper’ hairspray is perfect for medium to long hair. It has a medium hold, so you can easily correct any mistakes yet it’s firm enough to keep your hair in place all night long.


UNITE ‘EXPANDA’ Volume root energiser is a firm favourite of mine. Instead of spraying at the roots, I like to spray all over the guys hair for extra hold and lift. If any of you like your hair to sweep backwards and stay there, this is the product for you.


And finally the UNITE ‘GO247’ mens grooming cream. Easy to use and hard to go wrong with, this product is a must for anyone wanting to style their hair without it looking ‘styled’.

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 11.34.00

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