Dry shampoo has jumped to top the top of everyone’s favourite product list. I know I couldn’t live without it and I bet most of you couldn’t either.

At first Batiste were the only brand who offered it, so we all flocked to that label. But now there are thousands on the market and it’s getting harder and harder to choose, which is why I’ve decided to show you my top five which will hopefully help you too.


Batiste is everyone’s go to dry shampoo. Refreshing and volumising this coconut smelling spray is a dream for post gym work outs or if you’re pushed for time. £4.99 for an extra large can is hard to beat.


Perfect for every hair colour, with it’s transparent dust technology this dry shampoo is ideal for everyone. £7.62 per can and it lasts forever.


The Tecni-Art ‘Fresh Dust’ is also transparent and leaves the hair feeling full of life. Great to spray onto the mid-lengths and ends for a ‘plumped up’ look.


After applying this Kerastase Couture “Powder Bluff” spray into your hair, you’ll just want to sit and smell it for the rest of the day. Aroma’s that you never thought possible with post workout hair are now brought to reality with this dry shampoo.

Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 13.24.05

Any finally, if any of you bargain hunters out there are heading to a festival this summer, here’s a product you won’t make it to Monday without….VO5’s ‘Plump me up dry shampoo’.


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