Hairspray’s are always difficult to recommend as each person has a different hair type and desired result.

Whether you want your hair to stay in the same place for the next 24 hours like Pat Butcher’s or you still want movement there is a product out there for everyone. I’ve decided to share with you my five favorites in the hope that this may help you when you’re next faced with the challenge of choosing.

IMPORTANT: Hairspray’s come in different forms, a wet hairspray and a dry hairspray. The list below are all dry hairsprays that don’t leave too much residue on the hair. Wet hairsprays coat the hair and are much stronger. Always ask about the hairspray you’re about to purchase.



Bumble & Bumble ‘Spray De Mode’ is a new entry for me. I’ve only started using it frequently this year but I’m loving the finish it gives on the hair. It’s flexible, has a memory and is great when used with heat.



ELNETT- The most famous hairspray of all time. Elnett has been around for donkeys years and I don’t think they’ve changed it in a long time either. However I don’t think companies will ever be able to match it’s versatility. The perfect accompaniment to any hair up and a product shelf must have!


Shu Uemura Art of Hair ‘Sheer Lacquer’ is a beautiful hairspray. It may slightly break the bank but if you’re a hairspray fanatic it’s worth it. It’s lightweight and build-able hold, make it ideal for those of you who still want your hair to feel like hair.



L’Oreal Professionel’s Infinium is the closest rival to Elnett, without the smell. It’s just the right weight in the hair and allows you to correct mistakes by simply brushing the style out.


Kerastase are the brand that everyone’s talking about at the moment. I’ve waited years for them to bring out a strong, styling range and they did that alright. Kate Moss is the current face of the brand and it’s selling out like hot cakes. The Laque Couture Hairspray is the best smelling spray out there as well as protecting against UV rays, heat protection, colour protection and anti-fizz.


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