I’m fortunate enough to try hundreds of hair products, and I’m always on the hunt for the next best spray or the next best hair oil.

When I received a collection of the Balmain Session Styling line, I was instantly in awe. The branding is this same as the famous Parisian design house (They are the same company, this confused me too at first) And because of their simple packaging, they look super chic in my bathroom.

Screen shot 2014-02-27 at 17.55.00


The Collection boasts a range of just six products, which I like because it proves you don’t have to have a mega line to get great results.

I’m loving the Balmain styling mousse because it has enough hold to give the hair some strength yet when worked in, it doesn’t leave the hair feeling saturated with product.

For best results with this or any mousse, always spray into your hand first (not straight onto the hair) work it in and make sure you apply it evenly all over. This mouse acts as a great foundation and allows you to layer products however you’d like.

People often freak out when the word ‘Mousse’ is used, I think it’s because you instantly think of those 80’s crispy curls, but honestly times moved on and it’s a product I wouldn’t be without.

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