Hair straighteners may have been around for over a decade now but people are still making vital mistakes, check out my top tips on getting the best out of your irons.

If you’re straightening your hair by dragging your flat iron downwards, then you’re doing it wrong. This method causes hair to lose its body, resulting in flat, lifeless locks. It can also cause indents where the iron is placed by the roots if the hair is not elevated properly.

Are you dragging the irons repeatedly over one section? As well as causing excess damage you aren’t allowing the section to cool and set in place!

Your hairstylist isn’t nagging you when he/she asks if you are using a heat protector. Imagine putting 200 degrees on your skin? Hair is weaker than your skin so you’re causing crazy amount of damage if you aren’t protecting.


My favourite is ‘Ciment Thermique’ by Kérastase as it smells amazing and will protect your tresses for the next five times you apply heat so it lasts forever.

Always section your hair away; this will give you a longer lasting and more even finish.

Angel Montague Sayers- Daily hair blog

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