Hair is just as delicate as your skin, so why is it that people still aren’t protecting their hair on holiday? Not only will those harmful rays make your tresses thirsty and weak, your colour will fade and your hair will frizz…so it’s a no brainer?!

As i’ve over coloured my poorly strands for years, I never travel without the Kérastase Soleil range.  Yes, it may be a big investment just before you leave for your holidays, but its well worth it and will last for multiple trips!

bain-apres-soleil-main_3 lait-richesse-large

The shampoo; ‘Bain Apres Soliel removes chlorine and protects against UV rays, whilst the conditioner; ‘Lait Richesse’ gives a lightweight finish, whilst also being the best detangler in history!


In the last few years, Kérastase have bought out a CC cream in the range, to be honest I was always a little confused when it came to CC/BB creams as had no idea what they actually did! This CC cream is almost like a face moisturiser for your hair, I tend to use this in the morning before I go out in the sun because it helps to seal together my split ends, as well as doing all the protecting stuff!

The beauty of this range is that its also great for anyone who tends to swim a lot, its chlorine removing qualities mean you don’t have to worry about your hair in the over chemicalled water…or have to wear a swimming cap!

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