Start by prepping the hair with a generous amount of the TechniArt Volume riche mousse from root to tip.

On the ends; apply some of the Dual Styler ‘Liss and pump’ cream.

Blow-dry the product into the hair, directing the hair away from the face.

Take a section from the recession which follows the line of the cheekbone up towards the crown.

Mirror this on the other side and separate the rest of the hair away from this.

Using a dressing brush and some Techni Art Fix Design; smooth the section out whilst brushing backwards. Gather both sides together and secure with an elastic.

Iron out the underneath section of hair

Divide the top section into two; Micro crimp the back which will give volume and height without having to backcomb.

Place the very front section over the crimping/elastic to act as a veil.

Using your irons, rotate down each section ensuring to over exaggerate the movement to create a strong wave.

Slightly separate with your fingertips and finish with a spritz of the TechniArt Air Fix.


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