Hair colour fades but red heads definitely get it the worst. You need to make sure you’re following these tips to prevent it from turning to a rusty orange colour.

The sun is a huge problem for red heads. It seems unfair that blondes and brunettes get natural sun kissed highlights but red heads just go dull. Make sure you embrace a chic hat and keep it covered up. When that’s not possible choose a product with UV filters in to protect your hair from those aggressive harmful rays.

Angel Montague Sayers- prevent red hair from fading

Dry shampoo is a red head’s best friend – Washing your hair too much will encourage your colour to fade so try and wash it as little as possible and take advantage of those amazing dry shampoo’s out there.

Angel Montague Sayers- Prevent red hair fading

It’s already common knowledge that using boiling hot water can be mega harmful on your tresses. Try turning the temperature down and before long you’ll notice a huge difference not only for the colour but for the shine as well. Any heat on your hair is damaging so make sure you’re always using a heat protector, I love the Kerastase Ciment Thermique because it protects your hair for the next five times you apply heat!

Angel Montague Sayers- Prevent red hair fading


Make sure you’re using the right, colour protecting shampoo. The L’Oreal Proffessionnel Vitamino Colour shampoo is a great investment for anyone who is worried about colour fading. Its creamy texture transforms with water into a generous mousse to gently release impurities from the hair fibre. Protects the look of radiance of coloured hair, shine is enhanced, and is sulphate free…what’s not to love!

Angel Montague Sayers- Prevent red hair fading

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