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MASSIVE thanks to the team at ultra cool website ‘Layeredonline’ who have written a lovely article about me and some quick fire questions.

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Hair-osophy… If you’ve got imagination you can think outside the box. I get my inspiration from designers, artists, anywhere and everywhere. But you have to keep your feet on the ground too, which is why I love the salon as much as shoots and shows. There’s nothing like someone loving what you’ve done with their hair.

Hair icons… Eugene Souleiman and Peter Gray. I had the opportunity to work with Peter at the grand final of the L’Oréal Colour Trophy. I’m yet to meet Eugene but would love to be on his team one day.

Hair decade… Now. We have the best tools, products and inspiration at our fingertips, and with the help of the internet we can take ideas from every other decade too.

Up-do USP… Braids. They creep into most of my pictures, no matter how hard I try to keep them out. They show colour off so well, and there are so many different ways to do them – strict and intricate, or woven together so loosely they barely look like a braid at all.

Blondes or brunettes… Blondes, though it’s harder to get the perfect shade.

Up or down… Down. I love seeing a woman walking down the street swishing her hair.

Blow-dry or dry shampoo… Always a blow-dry. Whether it’s undone or va-va-voom, there’s nothing better.

Plan B… If I wasn’t a stylist I’d be an artist – I’ve recently been weaving hats out of hair, inspired by a Louis Vuitton campaign.


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