Hair breakage can be a dis-hearting thing. Theres nothing worse than seeing a beautiful girl yet her hair looks like it’s be mauled by a german shepherd.


Here are a few insider tips on how to eliminate hair damage:

Don’t rub your hair with a towel, this can be even more damaging than over styling.

Stop blow-drying your hair once it’s dry. It’s using the heat on already dry hair that causes the problem.

Use a wide tooth-comb or tangle teezer on wet hair and brush from the bottom up. Hair is at it’s weakest when wet, so treat it gently.

Just as you select your moisturiser to suit your skin type, you should select the right kinds of styling products for your hair to look its best.

Dry, split ends make hair look dull and lifeless and having them trimmed off is the fast way to getting hair in good condition.

Buy a silk pillowcase….This will prevent ‘bed hair’ and leave your tresses tangle free.

Don’t over style your hair, get your hands on some dry shampoo to pro-long your blow-dry.

Invest in heated tools with a temperature control, this way if you do need to style later or the next day, you can use a much lower heat setting.





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