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If I had to take just five products to a desert island,  dry shampoo would be chief on the list. Since bursting onto the beauty market several years ago, these handy body-builders, sweat-eliminators, and blowout-extenders have changed our lives for the better. Oily, limp locks? Throw some dry shampoo in your scalp and seconds later you’ve got fresh, volumized hair that looks just-washed. Because my love of the product borders on obsession, I wanted to share with you my favourite five;

You don’t have to fear the tell-tale white stain with the Kérastase ‘Powder Bluff‘ spray. It also doubles up as a texture spray and smells incredible.

Kerastase Powder Bluff spray

With one can being sold every 2 seconds, bathrooms the world over must be enveloped in the signature citrus scent of Batiste! The versatile nature of this dry shampoo means you can give your roots a refreshing and volumising boost or use it to help with up styling hair too. With it’s mega drying  out ability this is a ‘must’ for any gym bag.

Batiste dry shampoo

L’Oreal Professionnel Techni Art ‘fresh dust’ leaves your hair feeling as if its just been washed. I use this spray all the time when I’m putting hair up too because it drys it so it’s mega easy to work with.


For a dry shampoo that not only feels good in your hair but also looks incredible on your bathroom shelf; choose SHOW beauty’s dry shampoo.


And last but no means least is the Shu Uemura Art of Hair Volume Maker. Not in your usual bottle this dust/dry shampoo comes with a powder brush for those of you who aren’t all that at applying it. Simply brush over your root area for volume that will last until you next wash your hair; this is also a wonder product for hair ups. Shu_Uemura_Art_of_Hair_Volume_Maker_1378373697_main



Toning shampoo, also commonly recognised as simply “purple shampoo,” it’s a pigment depositing shampoo, and is a great way to freshen up blonde hair in-between salon visits.

As blonde hair oxidizes it can begin to turn yellow or orange.” The purple pigments work to counteract those tones–purple and yellow are exact opposites on the colour wheel.

A good toning shampoo can keep silver strands sparkling too. Purple shampoo is also great for anyone with silver or grey hair, which can turn yellowish due to various factors such as the environment and smoke.

I recommend using the shampoo once or twice a week to maintain colour and combat dullness, lather it up and let it sit for 5 minutes.

If you do over-do it with the purple shampoo, don’t fret. Another wash with a clarifying shampoo will remove any evidence of overindulgence.

My Favourite are by L’Oreal Professional; Shine Silver and Shine Blonde. £9.95 (The silver is much stronger than the blonde’


I am so excited to announce I have been shortlisted in the ‘Backstage Stylist’ category for The Hair Awards 2015.


I was delighted to hear that the Sally Montague Hair Group has also been shortlisted in two other categories; with Deesh as ‘Best Extensionist’ and Belper for ‘Best Regional Salon’……Fingers Crossed!



Heres who we’re up against 


Are you getting frustrated because your curls aren’t coming out like the tousled goddess waves you’re seeing on Pinterest?

C9 Brand Launch Images_V4

You need to make sure you’re using your curling appliance correctly in order to achieve those enviable results. Follow these simple tricks and your ‘bad curl days’ will be a thing of the past;

If you have fine hair that doesn’t hold curl, one go with a curling iron isn’t going to change anything. Instead, you should be setting each curl— wrap the curled section around the width of two fingers and clip it in place. Doing this will allow your hair cuticle to cool in a curled position, instead of hanging from your head, where gravity works against you.


Don’t rely on hair spray to hold each curl, you need to be prepping your hair first. It’s all about mousse if you want it to hold all night – The hair needs to feel saturated in product so apply at least 2 apple sized amounts to your hair before you dry.

If you are using a curling tong never drag the tool down the section and then roll it up from the bottom. This will straighten the hair before curling which will give extra heat damage and a pathetic curl at the end that won’t hold very well. Start by wrapping the hair around the barrel and then close the clasp. Wands are a much easier way to curl your hair and the ‘Waving Wand‘ by Cloud Nine gives an amazing result.

angel curling

Just like makeup brushes, your curling iron should be cleaned routinely—otherwise, the product buildup and residue can prevent the heat from distributing evenly when you try to use it. The easiest way to clean your curling iron is to pour a bit of rubbing alcohol on a damp cloth or cotton ball and rub it gently over the barrel (obviously when it’s off). If there’s stubborn buildup that isn’t budging, you can give it a swipe with a toothbrush, too.