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Are you a clumsy product-applier? I hear all too often of over-spraying, moussing and oiling hair, but what can you expect when you put it all on one section of hair?

Try following a few of these tips next time and your sticky hair days will be a thing of the past.

Go slow and start small; especially if you are using a new product. You can always apply more but over doing it will be a lot harder to rectify.

Make sure you are spraying from far away for an even coverage, and shake your head whilst you do it.

Section your hair into at least three sections; this will ensure the product is dispersed evenly.

If you just want the product on the mid-lengths and ends, tie your hair up into a ponytail and then put the product on. This is my favourite tip to avoid oily roots.

Always shake the dry shampoo bottle to avoid a patch of grey (we’ve all been there)

Your hair is a part of you, so let it move!


Are you long overdue a haircut but can’t seem to find the time to get to a salon? Split ends are the bane of every girls life so here are a few of my top tips to disguise them without having to desperately seek out the kitchen scissors.


Leave in conditioner isn’t just a great detangling tool but it will also pack extra moisture into your thirsty ends. Apply it through the mid-lengths and ends before you blow-dry, for incredible shine and healthier looking hair.

Using a straightening iron or curling tong helps to smooth the cuticle for extra shine. Your Hair stylist may bang on about using a heat protector but its for good reason. Shield your hair from all that heat because prevention is always better than cure.

Curls or waves (or any kind of texture) are my go to when my hair is in need of a trim; stay away from hairsprays as they cling on and highlight dry ends.

Serums are an invaluable tools, add a little drop when you’ve finished styling to bind your split ends together.

When all else fails, buns and braids will completely disguise your desperate tresses.


The thought of having to wash your hair first thing in the morning can fill most of us with dread. Here are a few over-night tips to kick start your day with the mane of your dreams…minus the morning hair burden;

Don’t be fooled into thinking Dry shampoo is just for lazy mornings, it has a multitude of uses including using it before you go to sleep. Spray through the mid-lengths and ends before you hit the hay for fresh, model-off-duty texture when you wake up.


For a natural looking texture try twisting your hair into one (or multiple) buns. To wake up with effortless tousled hair, simply apply a little product (The ‘Sprial Splendour’ by L’Oreal Professionnel Techni-Art is perfect for this) into damp hair and twist up, sleep in it and shake it out in the morning…its as simple as that.


This is a trick for the curly-haired ladies: to keep your curls from getting crushed as you toss and turn, flip your head over and tie a silk scarf around your head—it should go from the nape of your neck to the top of your forehead. This will not only keep your hair out of your face, but will keep your natural curl pattern in place and leave you with perfectly formed ringlets in the a.m.

Put a new spin on one of the oldest tricks in the book by adding root spray into the equation. We’ve all heard of braiding your hair before you sleep and waking up with perfectly-beached waves. It sounds good in theory, but all that braiding can actually leave your hair looking limp and lifeless at the roots. The solution? A lifting root spray, like Shu Uemura’s Fiber Lift Protective Volumizer. Add it through your strands before you braid, and remember: the looser the braid, the looser the waves.





Most of you hairstylists are probably already hooked on the new hardback book by Guido & David Sims, but for those of you who aren’t aware of it; this unique fusion of hair, fashion and Art is a ‘Coffee table must’.

Photo 23-03-2015 09 05 28 am

Packed with breathtaking imagery, Hair is a David-Sims-photographed beauty of a tome celebrating the art of styling through portraits of Edie Campbell, Raquel Zimmerman, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Ruby Jean Wilson and others as art forms rather than as people – pale-skinned vessels for Palau’s creations. Marland Backus’s hair is worn woven, basket-like over her face, while Kamila Filipcikova’s is teased, Marie-Antoinette-like, into a perfect tower atop her head on the cover.

“When I go out to look for books on hair a lot of them are quite retrospective, a kind of career best-of, or pictures you’ve already seen. There are very few books out there about hair in its pure form so that’s what we did,” he said simply. “It was a challenge but I thought: If I’m going to do a book about hair I want to do it my way. I just went with my gut feeling, and luckily Sims was very happy to go along with my idea. I suppose it has all of my ‘likes’ of style – from punk to new wave to classicism. As a reader you question what it’s really about. And the people look a bit sinister, which I like.” Palau told Vogue.


 Palau’s latest project was working on the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Savage Beauty exhibition at London’s V&A. Having worked on the masks, the theatrical hairpieces and accessories for the New York version of the exhibition – Hair is actually dedicated to the memory of McQueen, with whom Palau worked for many years – he is having to push his creativity even further with the addition of over 30 extra items for the V&A.


Buy here


Have you ever wondered why you can spend hours painfully curling your hair for it to drop just minutes later? The essential tip to keeping your hair in ever lasting style is to let it set.

Whilst the heating process allows your tresses to bend and curl in all directions it’s actually the cooling down process (aka the setting) which is the most important.

If you drop each section out of the curling wand, straight into the palm of your hands and scrunch a few times this will not only cool the curl, but it will also push the heat into the ends allowing them to bend too.

If you want a shape to last as long as possible; loosely pin each section up after you’ve curled it. Leaving it to cool will also mean you can brush it though countless times and it’ll still be there; perfect for a 3 day hair do!




Myself and the Sally Montague Hair Group artistic team recently launched our Atelier Collection which has been featured in Barcelona’s Peluquerias magazine International edition.


Taking inspiration from the renowned Dutch painter, Piet Mondrian, our latest collection took inspiration from the ‘Compositions with Yellow, Blue and Red’ series showcased at the Mondrian and his Studios exhibition at TATE Liverpool.


We took initial inspiration from the geometric shapes and block colour placement, before translating this for a fashion forward, but commercial collection, using contrasting textures, parallel sectioning patterns and structured, sleek styling.

To view the full collection follow this link

Photography: Paul Gill

Make Up: Katie Humphries, Sally Montague Hair Group Belper, using Make Up by HD Brows


Once you’ve put your hair in a ponytail, insert two or three bobby pins halfway inside the elastic toward the crown of your head. Then, fluff your ponytail and flip it over for a fuller look that won’t sag or droop.


If you want to plump up the length of your ponytail, spray it with dry shampoo and lightly tease the underneath with your comb to give it a little extra lift.


Have you ever wondered why when you have your hair washed at a salon it always feels way cleaner than when you do it yourself? Well here are some insider tips so you can get that salon feeling every time you wash your hair;

Place a 50p sized amount of shampoo on your hands and then directly onto wet hair/scalp, add water to this to dilute and lather the product.

Using your fingertips; make circle motions around the hairline (this is really important as it will make sure any product from your face is removed from the hairline)

Cross your fingers over one another and move around the scalp making sure you press your fingers down for extra pressure. Rinse this throughly and repeat. Leave the second shampoo on the hair for 2-5 minutes then rinse for another 2-5 minutes,

ALWAYS do two shampoos- The first shampoo cleans and the second treats the hair.


Chances are, you’re probably washing your hair under water that’s way too hot, which opens up the follicle and makes it susceptible to dryness and breakage. Shampoo and condition your hair under lukewarm water, then switch to cold water right before you get out of the shower to close the hair follicle and give it shine.

I recommend switching your shampoo at least once every few months  or use a clarifying shampoo once a week to get rid of any product build up.

Towel dry you hair after you’ve rinsed the shampoo and apply your conditioner/hair mask. Leave this on for at least 5 minutes then rinse throughly.

Scrub your scalp while you rinse to encourage all of the product to disappear,

Before you leave the shower use a tangle teezer to detangle the hair and then wrap it into a turban to dry for as long as possible.


Waxes aren’t just a product for men with short spiky hair. They’re designed to give definition and shape to a multitude of different manes and are a great aid to putting hair up.

My personal preference is Waxes with a matte finish and a medium to strong hold which leave little to no residue, here are my top five buys;

AVEDA MEN Pure-formance Pomade £19


L’Oréal Professionnel Deviation paste £13.20


Davines Strong Dry wax £18.90


L’Oréal Professionnel Pixie Pommade £13.49


Shu Uemura Art Of Hair Cotton Uzu (75ml) £17.60