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Focus on the Scalp
Healthy hair needs to start at the top. If you take no notice of your scalp, how on earth is your hair supposed to look luscious and full of life!Instead of rushing a shampoo, use your fingers to massage the product into your scalp. Exfoliating and massaging the scalp helps boost blood flow, which stimulates hair follicles to produce thicker, more lustrous hair growth, reduces dandruff and promotes overall hair health.

If you have any problems with your scalp, you’ll need to visit a Kerastase Salon for an ‘in-salon’ diagnosis, only in selected salons they now have scalp cameras which can pin-point the exact problem and recommend relevant products. It’s also an eye-opening experience, and will totally change what you use on your hair!

Treatments are the most effective way of getting your hair in tip-top condition, without this it won’t grow. Whether you have a professional treatment or prefer an at home boost, make sure you’re treating your hair at least once a week. I think the best way is to add on a Fusio-Dose (Kerastase)  treatment to your cut and finish at the salon. Highly concentrated and made to measure, these are essential to healthy locks.


Your Hair Is What You Eat
Your diet can have a positive or negative effect on your hair. To promote growth, try taking a fish oil vitamin. Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids that promote growth and cellular repair. You can also get large doses of the acids in fish, such as salmon. Other hair boosting foods are avocado and eggplant. Basically anything that gives your hair extra protein (great for skin and nails too!)

Regular trims are crucial to the health of your hair, letting your hair split higher and higher will set you back months, so visit your salon every 6-8 weeks.


Unfortunately going grey is inevitable and I have many clients asking me if I think they should go grey gracefully.

Depending on how much your grey hair bothers you can determine what colour your hairstylist should use. If you can’t stand the sight of them, opt for a permanent colour. ‘INOA’ by L’Oreal Professionel is odourless, ammonia free and covers 100% of grey hair, so whats not to love.

If you’d rather just camouflage your white hairs then you should try a semi permanent hair colour. This will give a natural, translucent finish. Its fades softly so doesn’t leave you with a line but be warned your greys will still be slightly visible.


If you want to embrace your silver strands, you should freshen them up once a week with a toning shampoo. My favourite is the L’Oreal Professionel silver shampoo from the Serie Expert range.

Unfortunately if you are not blessed with shimmering silver hair, your greys can be quite ageing and may wash out your skin tone. If this is the case, having a few highlights or low lights will help break up the colour and inject some tone.



Hairspray’s are always difficult to recommend as each person has a different hair type and desired result.

Whether you want your hair to stay in the same place for the next 24 hours à la Dolly Parton or you still want movement there is a product out there for everyone. I’ve decided to share with you my five favorites in the hope that this may help you when you’re next faced with the challenge of choosing.

IMPORTANT: Hairspray’s come in different forms, a wet hairspray and a dry hairspray. The list below are all dry hairsprays that don’t leave too much residue on the hair. Wet hairsprays coat the hair and are much stronger. Always ask about the hairspray you’re about to purchase.


Bumble & Bumble ‘Spray De Mode’ is a new entry for me. I’ve only started using it frequently this year but I’m loving the finish it gives on the hair. It’s flexible, has a memory and is great when used with heat.


ELNETT- The most famous hairspray of all time. Elnett has been around for donkeys years and I don’t think they’ve changed it in a long time either. However I don’t think companies will ever be able to match it’s versatility. The perfect accompaniment to any hair up and a product shelf must have!


Shu Uemura Art of Hair ‘Sheer Lacquer’ is a beautiful hairspray. It may slightly break the bank but if you’re a hairspray fanatic it’s worth it. It’s lightweight and build-able hold, make it ideal for those of you who still want your hair to feel like hair.


L’Oreal Professionel’s Infinium is the closest rival to Elnett, without the smell. It’s just the right weight in the hair and allows you to correct mistakes by simply brushing the style out.


Kerastase are the brand that everyone’s talking about at the moment. I’ve waited years for them to bring out a strong, styling range and they did that alright. Kate Moss is the current face of the brand and it’s selling out like hot cakes. The Laque Couture Hairspray is the best smelling spray out there as well as protecting against UV rays, heat protection, colour protection and anti-fizz.


Hair breakage can be a dis-hearting thing. Theres nothing worse than seeing a beautiful girl yet her hair looks like it’s be mauled by a german shepherd.


Here are a few insider tips on how to eliminate hair damage:

Don’t rub your hair with a towel, this can be even more damaging than over styling.

Stop blow-drying your hair once it’s dry. It’s using the heat on already dry hair that causes the problem.

Use a wide tooth-comb or tangle teezer on wet hair and brush from the bottom up. Hair is at it’s weakest when wet, so treat it gently.

Just as you select your moisturiser to suit your skin type, you should select the right kinds of styling products for your hair to look its best.

Dry, split ends make hair look dull and lifeless and having them trimmed off is the fast way to getting hair in good condition.

Buy a silk pillowcase….This will prevent ‘bed hair’ and leave your tresses tangle free.

Don’t over style your hair, get your hands on some dry shampoo to pro-long your blow-dry.

Invest in heated tools with a temperature control, this way if you do need to style later or the next day, you can use a much lower heat setting.





Yes knots have been around for a long time now, but it doesn’t stop me loving them. Knots can come in all shapes and sizes and can be structured or loose and ethereal.


I’m personally a lover of the pared back (‘I woke up like this”) versions and this way they are much easier to do on your own. The double knot doesn’t need loads of prep or heated appliances, but it’s a great way of updating your holiday hair.

It looks chic, modern and is really simple to do, so follow the step by steps below:

Pull the hair to the back and split in two sections down the middle. Knot the left side over the right and repeat.

Pull the first knot back on itself so the bevel is visible.

Use a pin or grip to cover the split in hair above the knot and use a grip to secure the bottom knot to the head by sliding underneath. (For added volume, push the knot up before you secure with a grip)

Sea Salt spray creates the perfect tousled texture for this look, use on wet or dry hair.




It’s that time of year when we start out with the best intentions. If vowing to take care of your tresses was on your resolutions list for 2015 here are a few simple tricks that will help get your hair in tip-top condition.

Dry your hair with a T-Shirt

The fibers in your trusty towel and its rough texture can tug at your locks and cause frizziness and breakage. Swap them for a softer alternative; aka a T-shirt or a ‘Turbie towel’.

Read the ingredients

Reading the ingredients label is important when it comes to having the hair of your dreams. For example, silicones can weigh your hair down and sulfates can fade color-treated hair. main-2.original.585x0

Sleep on a silk pillowcase

It may sound extravagant but swapping your cotton pillowcase for a silk one will help prevent breakage, allow it to move more freely and keep it from falling flat.

Sticky Pins

Spray your grips or pins with hairspray to stop them slipping; this is a great trick for those of you with incredibly soft strands.


It’s all about powders

Invest in some hair dust and dry shampoo; not just to be used to prolong a blow-dry these will thicken and plump up your hair even straight after you’ve washed it.



If you were blessed with enviable obedient locks then you are welcome to stop reading now, however most of us aren’t part of that incredibly lucky set of people. There are a few reasons why your hair isn’t working for you, so make sure you tick off some of these pointers and you’ll be on the way to living happily ever after with your hair;


Over using hair product

For some strange reason most of my clients use a serum and whilst this may be ideal for some hair types if you have fine, delicate hair this is possibly the worst product you could be using. If you are a dunce at applying product and are the type of person who ends up with it everywhere (including on your face, down your top etc) then try tying your hair up into a ponytail. 90% of lotions and potions are designed to be applied to the mid lengths and ends, whisking your tresses up to apply the product will help you avoid getting it in areas that may make it oily.

Under using hair product

I often hear “My hair never stays in place and never holds a curl’ If you want your hair to last all night don’t ignore the prepping stage. This is really important; if your hair is too soft then obviously a style is going to slip out. Your hair needs to feel gritty in order to really last, so start slathering the mousse on.

Excessive heat styling

Obviously I love a little help from heat stylers but its important to have days/weeks off,  so your hair has time to rest. Make sure you are applying a heat protector. I recommend using the Kerastase Ciment Thermique; which is well worth the beauty investment – It protects the hair for the next 5 times you use heat, helps strengthen your hair, smoothes it and lasts forever! main.original.585x0

Irregular hair cuts

It is crazy to think that your hair is going to look fabulous all year round if you don’t give it the servicing it needs. Make time in your diary to visit the salon at least once every 8 weeks even if its just for a microscopic trim.


Over Colouring

It goes without saying that using a ‘box dye’ on your hair is possibly the worst thing you could do. The thing is, it’s not just about the colour you’re putting on but it’s about the risk of banding, porosity and more, that ‘DIY Colourers’ never even think about (This is why us hairstylists train for years) so ALWAYS visit a professional.