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Hair extensions have been around for quite a long time now and the quality just keeps getting better and better. Gone are the days when extensions hung in a plasticky, poker straight veil because now they are practically seamless.

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Obviously there are a million ways of attaching hair extensions now, some more permanent than others, but today I’m talking about hair that comes on a weft with clips attached.

I’m all for hair extensions personally, I work with them a lot, not only on shoots and shows but also in the salon. They help to bulk out a blow-dry or enhance a hair up, but what I find clients love the most about them is if they don’t want the commitment, they only have to wear them on special occasions.

Obviously the work doesn’t stop once you’ve purchased them, to look flawless they need too be cut and coloured to work with your natural hair, if you wear them straight away you run the risk of looking like a playboy bunny.

For anyone with finer hair who would love permanent, bonded extensions but can’t afford it or can’t have them for other reasons…you should definitely invest.

If you do decide that extensions are they way forward, then always remember these points….

Don’t put too much product in them, use a serum when necessary but they hold the style really well.

Wash the extensions in warm water diluted with a tiny bit of shampoo. Do this about every six weeks if you wear the regularly but not if they are just for special occasions.

When clipping them in, slightly backcomb the root area. This will create a solid base for them to sit on.

If you think the hair you buy is too shiny compared with your own, spray some dry shampoo through them which will matte them slightly.



A combination of over-colouring, styling and poor diet can be lethal to the condition of your hair. When I returned from travelling a few years ago my hair was in tatters and I wasn’t sure which way to turn. I’m not usually one for taking supplements however I was at breaking point with my hair, so I gave the ‘Kérastase Nutrients” a go.

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I was a little skeptical at first, as so many supplement companies promise the world however as I knew the brand and had used their products for years, I was optimistic.

After taking the tablets for 2 weeks, I definitely noticed a huge change, not only in the strength but my hair felt thicker and had it’s shine back.

After I’d completed the 8 week course, my hair was pretty much back to where I had started prior to my trip. I’d recommend this product to anyone who is worried about their hair, and teamed with the Kérastase resistance range, its a force to be reckoned with!


Watch this space for the hottest new haircare brand to arrive. Their collection of luxe lotions and potions all arrive in perfume quality packaging however don’t be fooled by their old school glamour exterior, because these products certainly know how to exaggerate volume, texture, shape and style.

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I’ve particularly taken a shining to the ‘Working texture spray’ and haven’t stopped using it since I was kindly given a bottle. The ideal combination of luxury ingredients allows this spray to separate, mould and give extra volume to any length hair. The versatility of using it on wet or dry hair means it suitable for any hair type or lifestyle whilst protecting your tresses from thermal tools…..whats not to love?

I’ve been braiding my freshly washed hair in a french plait at night and spraying this wonder mist on liberally in the mornings. It gave me masses of texture without it feeling sticky or crunchy and looks like you’ve spent hours on your hair, when actually you had an extra few winks.




I was fortunate enough to style the hair for the new ‘Johnnie Walker Blue Label’ advert which has also been made into a short film titled ‘The Gentleman’s Wager’ and star’s British actor Jude Law.


The film, which shows Law relaxing in the British Virgin Islands, sipping the premium Scotch whisky, was shot by British director Jake Scott, and tells the story of two men engaged in a bizarre wager which requires Law to perform a dance in order to win his rival’s prized 1920s yacht.

It was a great job to be part of, the dancing scenes were shot in the breathtaking ‘Wilton’s Music Hall’ which dates back to 1743.

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Click on the link to see the full video….