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We spend a small fortune before a holiday on lotions and potions to protect our skin, however most of you are guilty of not giving a second thought to our hair.

Hair is delicate and when exposed to sun, without protection is can snap, loose colour and look dull and tired.

You may have heard of CC Cream to colour correct your complexion but have you ever heard of one for your hair? I hadn’t until recently and used it whilst I was on a trip to Miami with L’Oreal Professional and now it’s my holiday must have!

Anti humidity and protects against UV rays, this wonder cream can be used as a leave in treatment before of after sun exposure.

My hair is delicate after years of colouring, this product kept my colour looking fresh as well as making it feel fantastic after a long day in the heat…..I highly recommend!


Focus on the Scalp
Healthy hair needs to start at the top. If you take no notice of your scalp, how on earth is your hair supposed to look luscious and full of life!Instead of rushing a shampoo, use your fingers to massage the product into your scalp. Exfoliating and massaging the scalp helps boost blood flow, which stimulates hair follicles to produce thicker, more lustrous hair growth, reduces dandruff and promotes overall hair health.

If you have any problems with your scalp, you’ll need to visit a Kerastase Salon for an ‘in-salon’ diagnosis, only in selected salons they now have scalp cameras which can pin-point the exact problem and recommend relevant products. It’s also an eye-opening experience, and will totally change what you use on your hair!

Treatments are the most effective way of getting your hair in tip-top condition, without this it won’t grow. Whether you have a professional treatment or prefer an at home boost, make sure you’re treating your hair at least once a week. I think the best way is to add on a Fusio-Dose (Kerastase)  treatment to your cut and finish at the salon. Highly concentrated and made to measure, these are essential to healthy locks.


Your Hair Is What You Eat
Your diet can have a positive or negative effect on your hair. To promote growth, try taking a fish oil vitamin. Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids that promote growth and cellular repair. You can also get large doses of the acids in fish, such as salmon. Other hair boosting foods are avocado and eggplant. Basically anything that gives your hair extra protein (great for skin and nails too!)

Regular trims are crucial to the health of your hair, letting your hair split higher and higher will set you back months, so visit your salon every 6-8 weeks.


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MASSIVE thanks to the team at ultra cool website ‘Layeredonline’ who have written a lovely article about me and some quick fire questions.

To read the article in full please visit

Hair-osophy… If you’ve got imagination you can think outside the box. I get my inspiration from designers, artists, anywhere and everywhere. But you have to keep your feet on the ground too, which is why I love the salon as much as shoots and shows. There’s nothing like someone loving what you’ve done with their hair.

Hair icons… Eugene Souleiman and Peter Gray. I had the opportunity to work with Peter at the grand final of the L’Oréal Colour Trophy. I’m yet to meet Eugene but would love to be on his team one day.

Hair decade… Now. We have the best tools, products and inspiration at our fingertips, and with the help of the internet we can take ideas from every other decade too.

Up-do USP… Braids. They creep into most of my pictures, no matter how hard I try to keep them out. They show colour off so well, and there are so many different ways to do them – strict and intricate, or woven together so loosely they barely look like a braid at all.

Blondes or brunettes… Blondes, though it’s harder to get the perfect shade.

Up or down… Down. I love seeing a woman walking down the street swishing her hair.

Blow-dry or dry shampoo… Always a blow-dry. Whether it’s undone or va-va-voom, there’s nothing better.

Plan B… If I wasn’t a stylist I’d be an artist – I’ve recently been weaving hats out of hair, inspired by a Louis Vuitton campaign.



My first Youtube tutorial has gone live!

I’ve created this ‘Beach waves tutorial’  on myself because I think it’s pretty pointless doing hair on a model when you’re trying to replicate it at home, I’m constantly asked ‘how would I do this on myself’ so here is my youtube video to teach you first hand, how it’s done.

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                                           Angel Montague Sayers beach waves tutorial

Please follow the link above to play the video and comments would be gratefully received, if it’s a hit I’ll continue to film them on myself for you guys to learn at home!



Over the last 5 years mens hair styling has increased dramatically, and now most guys aren’t afraid to experiment with hair products.

A few years ago, If a guy said his favourite product was hair spray you’d have raised a brow but now it’s the norm. With this in mind, here are my top five styling products to use on men’s hair no matter what length or thickness.

Aveda Men Pure-Formance Pomade, not only is this completely natural but it shapes the hair easily and last’s forever.

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Tecni Art ‘Playball’ Beach Fizz Spray is ideal for any guys wanting more movement in their hair without a wet look. Dry into the hair with a hairdryer and your fingers for extra texture.

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FUDGE ‘Skyscaper’ hairspray is perfect for medium to long hair. It has a medium hold, so you can easily correct any mistakes yet it’s firm enough to keep your hair in place all night long.


UNITE ‘EXPANDA’ Volume root energiser is a firm favourite of mine. Instead of spraying at the roots, I like to spray all over the guys hair for extra hold and lift. If any of you like your hair to sweep backwards and stay there, this is the product for you.


And finally the UNITE ‘GO247’ mens grooming cream. Easy to use and hard to go wrong with, this product is a must for anyone wanting to style their hair without it looking ‘styled’.

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Back in April, I was thrilled to be asked to be part of the judging panel for the L’Oreal Professional Colour Trophy. I judged the Southern, London and Eastern regions along with a collection of Industry figureheads including Guy Kremer, Marc Trinder, Sophia Hilton & Matthew Sutcliffe.


The standard of the hairdressing in this competition was unbelievably high, which made judging the contest no easy task. We were looking for an Autumn/Winter inspired model with a beautiful execution of colour along with flawless finish and a breathtaking overall look. The finals will take place in June at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London.

Members of The Sally Montage Hair Group Artistic team (Deesh Dhindsa and Laura Robertson) also won a place at the Grand Finals, so keep your fingers crossed!

Click on the links below to watch the highlights of each region. LCT Eastern Region LCT London Region LCT Southern Region



….The Shu Uemura Art of Hair ‘Instant Replenisher’.

This miracle leave in conditioner has transformed my shower routine since it’s release at the beginning of the year.

I used to battle with my tangle teaser for at least 10 minutes post shower, but now I whizz through the knots pretty much immediately. The instructions on the back of the glass advise to wash the ‘spray-on-serum’ out before blowdrying, but it works a treat on my hair which I put down to a combination of the Magnolia Oil and the high concentration of instant hair-repairing ceramides.

If you’re unfamiliar to the brand Shu Uemura, then be warned because the combination of un-beatable haircare and styling products mixed with the mouthwatering packaging makes most people swoon and become completely addicted.



I can’t wait to take the ‘Instant Replenisher’ away with me on holiday, as it will be great to spray in my hair pre-shower as a reconditioning treatment. Anyone with long, knotted hair needs to invest.


Dry shampoo has jumped to top the top of everyone’s favourite product list. I know I couldn’t live without it and I bet most of you couldn’t either.

At first Batiste were the only brand who offered it, so we all flocked to that label. But now there are thousands on the market and it’s getting harder and harder to choose, which is why I’ve decided to show you my top five which will hopefully help you too.


Batiste is everyone’s go to dry shampoo. Refreshing and volumising this coconut smelling spray is a dream for post gym work outs or if you’re pushed for time. £4.99 for an extra large can is hard to beat.


Perfect for every hair colour, with it’s transparent dust technology this dry shampoo is ideal for everyone. £7.62 per can and it lasts forever.


The Tecni-Art ‘Fresh Dust’ is also transparent and leaves the hair feeling full of life. Great to spray onto the mid-lengths and ends for a ‘plumped up’ look.


After applying this Kerastase Couture “Powder Bluff” spray into your hair, you’ll just want to sit and smell it for the rest of the day. Aroma’s that you never thought possible with post workout hair are now brought to reality with this dry shampoo.

Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 13.24.05

Any finally, if any of you bargain hunters out there are heading to a festival this summer, here’s a product you won’t make it to Monday without….VO5’s ‘Plump me up dry shampoo’.



I have been fortunate enough to be featured in this month’s Creative Head Magazine. The article talks about how I came to choose my profession, my Instagram diary (@angelmontaguesayers)and whats in store for the future. Creative Head Magazine is one of the industries top glossy’s and is filled with the perfect blend of fashion and hair and I feel very privileged to have my story span over 6 pages of the April issue. 




Please click on the link below to read the full article in PDF format.