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Choosing the right shampoo is as important for men as it is for women, you can’t complain about hair loss if you are using the wrong shampoo. Below are five products, each in different price range that will completely change your hair for the better.  10302546-1320425171-840139

The Kerastase Homme Capital Force shampoo is perfect for those of you who have thinning hair. Its densifying qualities not only improve hair mass within just two weeks but it also restores the scalps vitality.


 L’oreal Professionel’s Homme range is perfect for pretty much all hair types and they have a variety of different products. Their newest product ‘Fiberboost’ is going down a treat at the moment. Again its for thinning hair but it also removes product easily and energises the hair. Slightly cheaper than the Kerastase shampoo but still great for those of you hitting the manic button.


For you guys out there who use lashing of hair product each day this is a great shampoo for you. The American Crew ‘Power Cleanser style remover’ removes excess product whilst leaving the scalp feeling cool and the hair full of body and volume.


ManCaves Caffeine shampoo moisturisers, soothes and strengthens whilst the caffeine encourages root stimulation.


Specially designed for you silver foxes out there. This ‘anti-yellow’ shampoo by L’Oreal Professionel (also in the Homme range) enhances the colour and diminishes those un-wanted yellow tones.


We are all guilty of committing hair crimes but breaking some of these naughty habits can bring your hair back to it’s best in no time.

Over colouring

Over processing your hair with colour can be lethal for the condition of your tresses. Too much bleach can leave you hair porous, brittle and feeling like candy floss. We’ve all been there at one stage in our lives. When I was over colouring my hair I used the Kerastase Resistance range to get it back to optimum strength and it really did work wonders.

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 20.06.02


Tying your hair up when its wet.

When hair is wet, it’s is in it’s weakest state, therefor wrapping it in a tight chignon is just going to break it even more.

Eating the right foods:

Eating a healthy diet equals healthy hair. Make sure your diet includes fish, nuts, fruit, eggs and vegetables for extra shiny hair.

Over Brushing;

Brushing your hair too much doesn’t make it shiny, it just makes you prone to split ends. When you do brush, avoid brushing hair that is soaking wet and make sure to avoid brushing from the roots down too often. A good habit is to hold the middle section of your hair and brush from that middle section down to the tips.

Damage 24

Not using a heat protector; 

Protecting your hair from all the heat you use is really important. Heat protector adds a barrier to the hair shaft and without that barrier it can break very easily. My favourite product to combat this is the Kerastase Ciment thermique, which not only strengthens while it protects but it also lasts in the hair for the next five time you apply heat, so its perfect for every lifestyle and lasts forever.

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 19.59.47

Over styling:

We are all guilty of over styling our hair. Whether it be with a hairdryer or with extra hot irons, we know it’s bad for our hair but we still do it. Give yourself at least one day a week away from hair tools and you’ll see a difference within no time. Cloud Nine have offer tools with temperature controls so theres no excuse, the lower the heat the better it is for your hair.





Applying heat protector to our hair before we use ANY heat on it is a must, and those of you reading this who don’t use it, you should listen up now.

Without heat protector,  you are exposing your poor, fragile tresses to AT LEAST 150 degrees each time you whizz the irons over it.  How can you expect those locks to stay in mint condition when you’re exposing them to such dangers!

Times have changed and heat protectors are no longer heavy blow-dry products that weigh your hair down. They are what a moisturiser is to your skin care regime and should be used at all times.

There are a lot of hair products out there now that have the ingredients to protect against heat already,so it’s worth reading the label before you go out a splurge.

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 19.59.47

I know I talk about Kerastase a lot but it’s because I like to see results when I’m spending on a hair product. Kerastase is a prescriptive brand (you can actually see the results) and even though it’s pricier than other brands, their products last for ever and work.

A few years ago, my hair was on deaths door. It was over processed, over-styled and over exposed to the sun and this range really saved my life so I’m very loyal to them.

The Kerastase Ciment Thermique is a reconstructing milk for weakened hair. It lasts in the hair for the next five times you apply heat and will help you create a smooth, beautiful blow-dry.


Silky, soft hair is something we all dream of. For us colour queens, soft hair feels like fantasy. Theres nothing greater than our precious mane slipping over our shoulders like silk…but how does one achieve this without a daily trip to the salon.

Use a hair oil. This wonder product is packed full of everything your hair needs and is the most versatile hair product on the market. You should also try applying them through the mid-lengths and ends of your hair prior to washing as this will act like a hair treatment.


When blow drying, don’t use your blow dry brush until most of your hair is dry.  Only use the brush to finish the look. This is an important habit that keeps hair healthy, shiny and feeling soft.

Wash your hair in warm (not hot) water and do a cool water rinse.

 Apply your conditioner to hair after shampooing without rinsing it out in the shower or bath, wrap a warm moist towel around your hair and let it sit for 20 minutes. This will help the conditioner intensify its repairing properties and penetrate the cuticle more readily. Then rinse it out with a cool water rinse.

Use a heat protector like the Kerastase Ciment Thermique. This blow-dry cream adds shine and protects your hair from heated tools, like curling tongs and blow dryers. The added bonus with this product, is that you only have to use it once every five times you apply heat so it’s great for anyone with a flakey memory.

Keep your hair away from the sun and always use protection. You wouldn’t let your skin suffer in the sunshine and the same rules apply for your hair.


Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 15.47.09

Luckily you don’t have to wash your clip in hair extensions very often but when you do it’s important to get right. Depending on how much you wear them and how much product you use determines how much they should be washed, you’ll be able to feel when they are ready.

Start by brushing your extensions through with a soft, bristle brush.

With luke warm water, wet your extensions all over.

Apply a large amount of shampoo from the roots to the ends and massage this in. (Preferably use a product will no sulphates)

Rinse this out thoroughly, then repeat.

Once all of the shampoo is rinsed, blot the hair in a towel and apply a conditioner to the midlengh’s and ends. Make sure you don’t get this product in the seams (or near the clips) as it will be hard to remove and may cause you irritation when you next wear them.

Leave the conditioner on the extensions for a good 10 minutes and detangle using a tangle teezer.

Rinse thoroughly and towel dry to remove excess water before heat styling. (If possible just hang out to dry rather than using a hairdryer)

Clip on_straight_8





I’ve been using Herra hair perfume for a while now and every time I spray some on my hair, I get asked what perfume I’m wearing.  As a lover of long hair, I’m always cautious about how my locks smell. Even though I wash my hair every other day, because of the length, odours stick to it very easily.

In addition, this luxury product moisturisers the hair without weighing it down and protects against UV rays, pollution, free radicals and colour fade, so it is a great addition to your beach bag.


The scent’s signature fragrance is a blend of Italian bergamot, loquat fruit, midnight orchid, rose, white jasmine, mimosa, heliotrope, lily, vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood and musk.

Since the product’s launch in 2012, the brand has grown tremendously and is set for big things in the future. Currently sold in a selection of professional salons around the world, this hair perfume is a handbag must have!




Dry shampoo had become a product must have and I doubt theres a bathroom cupboard in sight that doesn’t have a bottle propped up in it.

But don’t be fooled into thinking dry shampoo is just a product that should be used when your hair hasn’t seen the shower in a while. It’s powdery consisting means its perfect for a whole host of other things.

Instead of waiting until your locks need an dirt-fighting pick-me-up, apply a dab of dry shampoo to your roots immediately after you wash and dry them. Though your hair’s already clean, the barrier will stave off the debris and oil your strands will collect throughout the day before it hits. Bonus: It also gives you killer volume.

If you are adding texture, curls or waves to your hair why not spray it through the mid-lengths and ends as a finishing product. This will give the hair a plumped up, ethereal texture perfect for the summer months.

If you’ve over-done it on the product front and your hairs gone a little crispy, use this as your corrector. It’ll soak up the product and your hair will be good to go.



As the summer months come hurtling towards us, it’s the right time to stock up on the much loved Sea Salt spray. There are hundreds out there on the market and I’ve spent hours testing and trying them out. Your hair type is important when selecting this product as some can be more drying than others.  Here are a selection of my five favourite:


The Bumble and Bumble Surf spray (125ml) a high consistency salt spray thats perfect for those of you with extra soft hair. Slightly drying so if your hair is already dry, maybe try one of the others.


The L’Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Play Ball Beach Fizz (150ml) One of my long standing favourites, I’ve been using this for years. I always like to apply when the hair is dry and dry it in with a hairdryer but what ever suits you really.


Kerastase Styling Spray a Porter (150ml) has a soft touchable finish with the added bonus of UV and heat protection.


L’Oreal Paris Studio Line Matte & Messy sea salt spray (150ml) I found you need quite a lot of product to make it actually do anything, but if you’ve forgotten one and are struggling at the airport this spray is worth picking up and it’s only £3.75.


Davines ‘This is a sea salt spray’ perfect for those of you looking for extra volume with your salt spray. Apply when wet and blast dry your hair upside down for Va Va Voom locks.


At the end of last year I got together with some of the Cloud Nine team to brain storm ideas for education we could offer in 2014.

We decided to devise an education programme called ‘Salon Styling sessions’ which are delivered around the country to Cloud Nine salons. I wanted these seminars to focus on current trends because for Hairstylist’s they are the main reference point within our work.

Hairdresser’s Journal which is one of the leading industry Magazine’s had this to say recently:


Cloud Nine Salon Sessions are a new education initiative designed to help salons bring the latest catwalk hair trends to their clients in an accessible way.

Created by Cloud Nine to keep stylists at the forefront of their industry, the Salon Sessions will cover trends, styling tips and techniques, inspiration and key product information and can be tailored to individual need – lasting a full or half day and available to individual salons or groups.

Content will be updated throughout the year to ensure they cover the very latest in hair trends and each stylist will walk away with step-by-step guides to all of the looks that they’ve created to enable them to recreate what they’ve learnt on the salon floor.

The three educators heading up Cloud Nine Salon Sessions are UK creative director, Angel Montague Sayers; session stylist and artistic director for Malcolm Murphy hair, Shelley Manley; and director of hair and owner at Modello Hair Salon& Spa, Stacey McCormack.

Speaking about the new initiatives, Angel Montague-Sayers said:

“Hair trends reflect not only what is happening in the beauty industry but in art, fashion and culture as a whole which, as a hairdresser and session stylist, is where I draw inspiration from. For me trends are both important and inspirational because each season our industry has a fresh aesthetic to produce.

“2014 takes Cloud Nine to the next level implementing the best of great British hairdressing by bringing you and your team catwalk-inspired trends from Fashion Weeks around the world and equipping you with the knowledge and tools needed to translate these looks for clients on the salon floor.”