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You can tell a lot about a person by the choice of the books on their coffee table. I’m a sucker for hardback books and have an Amazon wishlist as long as your arm. This month I’ve picked out my top five choices which combine my love of Hair, Fashion, Art and Photography.

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‘HAIR: Fashion and Fantasy’ by Laurent Phillippon has the Vogue seal of approval. With contributions from Daphne Guinness this inspiring collection is a must for anyone in the industry.

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‘BEAUTYFULL’ by famed photographer Rankin is a highly sort after collection of images.

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Irreverent by Carine Roitfeld gives an insight into the famed career of the Parisian born fashionista, from her time as a model to the ten years she spent as Editor-in-chief of French Vogue.

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The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman proves it’s all about street style with this collection of beautiful imagery. 

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Influenced’ by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen is a book filled with the interviews and photography from figures who inspire the worlds most famous Twins.




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Press already this year has been sensational for me. From appearing in weekly’s like CLOSER MAGAZINE and LOOK magazine to monthly’s ELLE magazine, VOGUE UK and NEVER UNDER DRESSED as well as an overwhelming amount of Industry Press.

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WHOCANCUTIT.CO.UK Wrote a fantastic feature on me at the beginning of the year, including some of my top tips for Spring/Summer, see below.

2014 is finally here but last year was one to remember for so many reasons, not least the gorgeous red carpet and catwalk hair that inspired us all and the countless new products and tools which hit the market to help us all create fabulous hair.

It was also a great year for Angel Montague-Sayers, Art Director at Sally Montague Hair Group, Derbyshire, who was named 2013 ‘IT Girl’ at the Creative Head It List and was a finalist at the 2013 Shu Uemura: Art of Hair Muse Image Awards and in the Hair magazine Backstage Stylist category.

She looks back on the memorable year.

What was your hair highlight of 2013?

I loved seeing models storm down the runway with short, choppy punk inspired wigs. I certainly didn’t expect it for S/S14 – I love the element of surprise that Fashion Week brings.

What was a your favourite red carpet look of the year?

I adored the hair Nicole Richie rocked for the Met Ball back in May. I thought it looked stunning against her complexion and worked great with the burgundy lip.

What would you say was the best product of the year? Cloud Nine’s new must-have Magical Potion, which is a lightweight, conditioning spray to be used pre blow-dry. It lowers drying time by 50% and protects against heat.

Who was the most stylish celebrity of 2013?

I love Suki Waterhouse’s style. Her fringe is perfect and she looks amazing on the ELLE magazine January 2014 cover. I am a massive Arctic Monkey’s fan and love Alex Turner’s style revolution. At the moment he’s channeling a dapper 50s film star, which is my favourite era for men’s hair.

What can we look forward to in terms of hair trends in 2014?

I’m a fanatic about braids. Luckily they’ve freshened up for S/S14 and are now coiled around the head, which instantly remind me of Heidi in the Swiss Alps! 70s curls made a few appearances at Fashion Week and at the other end of the spectrum, sleek ironed hair could be making a comeback for the summer months.

And finally what is your top hair tip for the readers?

Replace high, head-pinching ponytails with a cool, low maintenance alternative. This season is all about low, lazy-looking ponies that instantly update your look and can be worn in a variety of ways. To nail this trend you must keep texture to a minimum and not over-fuss with curls or waves. Another tip is to drop each curl into the palm of your hand and scrunch, when using a wand. This helps sets the curl and helps improve the shape.



1. Irons-Don’t be fooled into thinking these beauties will just give you poker straight, Avril Lavigne hair. Whether it be waves ,curls or just a smooth finish you’re after, these premium, temperature controlled irons can give you all that, without the damage……what’s not to love!

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2. Curling Wand-For the last few years now, curling wands have been top of the list for anyones kit bag. Giving you a variety of different sized curls, without the nightmare of past tongs. The key to a good wand is not only the diameter of the barrel but also the quality of the plates. Cloud Nine products have a patented technology within their plates, giving the hair extra shine.

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3. Waving Wand- This is my all time favourite hair tool and I think everyone should have one. The barrel of this ceramic tool is the same width all the way around, making it impossible to get wrong. This wand gives you a soft, tousled wave or extra volume when used on sections near the root area.

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4. Hairdryer- The Parlux 3500 Super Compact Hairdryer is worth its weight in gold. This brand can be seen as pricey for a hair-dryer but they last for years are lightweight and really powerful. Great for those of you who feel like you spend your life sat under your painfully slow and noisy hairdryer.

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5. Heated Rollers- There are hundreds of brands and different types of heated rollers out there on the market. On my own hair I like to use ‘The O’ by Cloud Nine. This is because it gives me a salon blow-dry finish within 20 minutes, in which time I’ve done a million different things and a few blog posts.It’s revolutionary induction technology means each velcro roller heats up within 4 seconds and doesn’t burn your hands. Unlike other rollers, these come in extra large sizes too for those of you who worry about the curls that Carmen rollers used to give.

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I’m a self confessed, hair product junkie and I’m also a sucker for packaging. So when I first came into possession of the Neal & Wolf range, it was always going to end well.

Designed, tested and trialled by hairstylist (always a good sign) Neil Capstick these luxury, affordable products are something to tell your friends about.


My favourite so far has to be the Ritual Daily Conditioner which is light but easily diminishes tangles (great for my ratty locks). And the FORM sculpting lotion which gives hair a really nice amount of hold yet still keeping it pliable (great for blowdrying).

I’m quite picky with smells and I hate anything too strong and intrusive and that’s part of the reason I like this brand. They’ve kept the packing really simple and chic, which help keep this boutique range luxe and unique.





The hair extension industry is vast and is fast becoming billion dollar business, needless to say there’s thousands of brands out there claiming their hair is more superior than the last. The quality of the hair is really important as it determines everything from how it sits to how it styles. I always prefer human hair over synthetic because even though companies claim you can use heated tools you can’t or it never gives the same effect.
I’m often asked; “Will bonded extensions pull my hair out and give me bald patches?” And no, they won’t as long as there are applied and removed properly
Application methods are forever changing as companies are desperate to find the next revolutionary technique, I personally don’t think you can beat bonded hair extensions or clip-ins for you commitment phobes out there.
The most important part of this is to make sure your hairstylist is qualified, experienced and understands what you want out of your new tresses whether it be length, thickness or both. I’m qualified in both Great Lengths and Balmain and think they both offer the client different things. Great Lengths have a high quality hair and a celebrity following as long as your arm whilst Balmain offer a huge range of extensions and every colour and technique you could think of.
The best advice I can give you is that you can’t scrimp on quality, pay more and you’ll get more. At the end of the day your the one that wearing them everyday for the next 6 months.


I have been fortunate enough to be reappointed by Cloud Nine, as their UK creative ambassador for the second year running. 2013 was an incredible year for me so I feel very privileged to be asked back for another year.

There has some been remarkable coverage about my position, so thank you to those supportive writer’s.

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