I’ve arrived home last week to a delightful package from the ‘Tie-Me London’ team, their new luxury hair bands come in an array if different colours, embellished with a sparkling Swarovski crystal.

My hair is pretty hard to hold up but these do the job without snagging….And the bonus; they look great as a bracelet too!

Angel Montague Sayers- Tie Me London

Finally, we’re seeing hair accessories designed by jewellery designers and it’s great to have a piece of Anouska Woods thats functional and beautiful.

Buy yours here, you won’t regret it! http://shop.tiemelondon.com



SM Art 110.NEF.p

This is my favourite hairspray of all time and every girl needs it! ‘Crépage De Chignon’ is a unique blend of powder and hairspray with results in a chalky hairspray that is perfect for scruffy hairstyle lovers.

Angel Montague Sayers- powder hairspray




Hair colour fades but red heads definitely get it the worst. You need to make sure you’re following these tips to prevent it from turning to a rusty orange colour.

The sun is a huge problem for red heads. It seems unfair that blondes and brunettes get natural sun kissed highlights but red heads just go dull. Make sure you embrace a chic hat and keep it covered up. When that’s not possible choose a product with UV filters in to protect your hair from those aggressive harmful rays.

Angel Montague Sayers- prevent red hair from fading

Dry shampoo is a red head’s best friend – Washing your hair too much will encourage your colour to fade so try and wash it as little as possible and take advantage of those amazing dry shampoo’s out there.

Angel Montague Sayers- Prevent red hair fading

It’s already common knowledge that using boiling hot water can be mega harmful on your tresses. Try turning the temperature down and before long you’ll notice a huge difference not only for the colour but for the shine as well. Any heat on your hair is damaging so make sure you’re always using a heat protector, I love the Kerastase Ciment Thermique because it protects your hair for the next five times you apply heat!

Angel Montague Sayers- Prevent red hair fading


Make sure you’re using the right, colour protecting shampoo. The L’Oreal Proffessionnel Vitamino Colour shampoo is a great investment for anyone who is worried about colour fading. Its creamy texture transforms with water into a generous mousse to gently release impurities from the hair fibre. Protects the look of radiance of coloured hair, shine is enhanced, and is sulphate free…what’s not to love!

Angel Montague Sayers- Prevent red hair fading



Start by prepping the hair with a generous amount of the TechniArt Volume riche mousse from root to tip.

On the ends; apply some of the Dual Styler ‘Liss and pump’ cream.

Blow-dry the product into the hair, directing the hair away from the face.

Take a section from the recession which follows the line of the cheekbone up towards the crown.

Mirror this on the other side and separate the rest of the hair away from this.

Using a dressing brush and some Techni Art Fix Design; smooth the section out whilst brushing backwards. Gather both sides together and secure with an elastic.

Iron out the underneath section of hair

Divide the top section into two; Micro crimp the back which will give volume and height without having to backcomb.

Place the very front section over the crimping/elastic to act as a veil.

Using your irons, rotate down each section ensuring to over exaggerate the movement to create a strong wave.

Slightly separate with your fingertips and finish with a spritz of the TechniArt Air Fix.



Last night saw the 60th Anniversary of the L’Oreal Colour Trophy. Unfortunately myself and my team didn’t win but it was amazing to be a part of such a prestigious event. Check out the evening’s highlights here;


Today’s the day! The L’Oreal Professional Colour Trophy is the longest running LIVE hair competition in the world and myself and my team are competing in the grand final along with 30 other industry hopefuls.

11070610_10152714634966244_8464024702896141760_n copy

The first round of the competition is to submit a photographic entry, thousands apply and are then whittled down to 60 contestants who all compete within their regions at the Semi Finals.

We were thrilled to win one of the coveted spots in the Grand finals with our contoured, copper colour and with our overall look we wanted to portray an essence of Studio54 in the seventies mixed with contemporary editorial styling.


Today we will be recreating our look at the L’Oreal Academy in Hammersmith and later will be attending the Colour Trophy Ball at Battersea Evolution.

Check out last the 2014 grand final video below;

Fingers crossed!


Hair is just as delicate as your skin, so why is it that people still aren’t protecting their hair on holiday? Not only will those harmful rays make your tresses thirsty and weak, your colour will fade and your hair will frizz…so it’s a no brainer?!

As i’ve over coloured my poorly strands for years, I never travel without the Kérastase Soleil range.  Yes, it may be a big investment just before you leave for your holidays, but its well worth it and will last for multiple trips!

bain-apres-soleil-main_3 lait-richesse-large

The shampoo; ‘Bain Apres Soliel removes chlorine and protects against UV rays, whilst the conditioner; ‘Lait Richesse’ gives a lightweight finish, whilst also being the best detangler in history!


In the last few years, Kérastase have bought out a CC cream in the range, to be honest I was always a little confused when it came to CC/BB creams as had no idea what they actually did! This CC cream is almost like a face moisturiser for your hair, I tend to use this in the morning before I go out in the sun because it helps to seal together my split ends, as well as doing all the protecting stuff!

The beauty of this range is that its also great for anyone who tends to swim a lot, its chlorine removing qualities mean you don’t have to worry about your hair in the over chemicalled water…or have to wear a swimming cap!


Hair straighteners may have been around for over a decade now but people are still making vital mistakes, check out my top tips on getting the best out of your irons.

If you’re straightening your hair by dragging your flat iron downwards, then you’re doing it wrong. This method causes hair to lose its body, resulting in flat, lifeless locks. It can also cause indents where the iron is placed by the roots if the hair is not elevated properly.

Are you dragging the irons repeatedly over one section? As well as causing excess damage you aren’t allowing the section to cool and set in place!

Your hairstylist isn’t nagging you when he/she asks if you are using a heat protector. Imagine putting 200 degrees on your skin? Hair is weaker than your skin so you’re causing crazy amount of damage if you aren’t protecting.


My favourite is ‘Ciment Thermique’ by Kérastase as it smells amazing and will protect your tresses for the next five times you apply heat so it lasts forever.

Always section your hair away; this will give you a longer lasting and more even finish.

Angel Montague Sayers- Daily hair blog


For the last few weeks I’ve been testing out the new Resistance range by Kérastase and I’ve fallen head over heels for this anti-damage collection.

The shampoo is a balm for heavily damaged hair, so it made my over-bleached tresses feel as good as new! To encourage more volume I have been conditioning the hair first with the Masque Thérapiste then shampooing twice afterwards.

 bain masque

Does your hair ‘look dead’, and feel weak? Do you suffer with split ends, and dry hair that appears dull? If so then I’d really recommend this range.

To finish; I’ve been applying a small amount of Serum Therapiste before I blow-dry which not only protects against 230 degree heat but also binds my split ends together.